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Welcome to Soft Matter and Nano Engineering Lab!

Janus Crystals

2D crystal formed by Janus amphiphilic particles

Soft Matter

We use "soft matter" everyday, from the soapy water to latex paint, from nylon stockings to rubber tire. Actually human being cannot live without them - our body (tissues, blood and cells) is also "soft". Soft Matter has a fundamental and profound impact in our life. Soft Matter is flexible and complex (P-G De Gennes Nobel Lecture 1991), drastically different from the traditional "hard matter", such as metal and ceramic. Our research is aiming to reveal the principles underneath the complicated interactions and dynamics of soft matter, which will in turn help us design new materials to address challenges in broad areas involving energy, environment, agro-science and human health.


Colloidsomes formed by Pickering emulsion

Mission & Goal

Our lab focuses on both fundamental and application aspects of soft matter and nano engineering field. We engage the state-of-art synthesis and characterization tools to invent and probe new soft-matter materials, and study the interactions between nanoparticles and colloids with biological systems. We also explore the details of how soft matter assemble into hierarchical structures. We precisely control the assembly process by fine tuning the chemical composition, surface property and the external environment. The ultimate goal is to improve the materials performance and provide innovative solutions for the challenges in the real world applications.

Trivalent Janus Particles

Trivalent Janus particles by
-contact printing

Career Training

Our research is highly interdisciplinary, from polymer chemistry to nanocrystal fabrication, from microscopy to biological essay analysis. These research topics offer a perfect opportunity for students to broaden their horizen and deepen their understanding of the materails science and engineering field. In addition, by working independently on research projects, students will have chance to learn the modern tools used in materials research field. More importantly, through experimental design, group discussion and technical presentation, our lab will help  students develop the necessary skillset for their future careers in both acamdemia and industry.